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Bare spørg rundt!

Fragab er den nemmeste vej til at få hurtige svar fra dine venner, kollegaer eller grupper. Hvis du skal vide, hvem der kan komme til din fest, uddelegere opgaver, finde en passende dato eller oprette deltagerlister, så hjælper fragab dig. Det har aldrig været nemmere, at planlægge personlige eller professionelle events.

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Ask who comes

You plan a party or even and you would like to know, who will participate?
Simply create a fragab list and share the link ie. by WhatsApp.
Stop searching thrue long chat histories - fragab shows you all feedbacks for your event at a glance.

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Ask who brings what

A street party, a common event?
For sure there are tasks to allocate!
Add options to your list and decide whether each option can be selected once or multiple times.
So you make sure not to have 20 grills but only a case of beer on your cookout!

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Find out the best date

Did you try to find a common date for an Event in a group chat?
It can be easier - with fragab!
Add days and times to your poll and select the final date, which has been selected by most of the participants.

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Optimized for all devices

Nevertheless which device you use, fragab is optimized for and looks selfexplaining and clear.

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